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What One Stop Energy Australia Will do For You:

A Customised Solar System Sized to Suit your Business

One stop Energy Australia provides advice on commercial solar systems that will best meet your energy needs. The design of your solar system and its size will reflect your electricity usage and consumption and will maximise the benefits of solar for your business. Our PV Solar Systems are designed for you, the customer.

Providing Quality Services, Expertise, Technical Advice and Guidance

Commercial Solar systems are designed and engineered in consultation with Customers. All of the paperwork, regulatory issues, approvals and project management processes are performed by One Stop Energy Australia. Our Solar Systems are only installed by fully Accredited Clean Energy Council installers and quality-of-work guarantees are included.

Maintaining Operational Performance and Optimum Energy Output

Quality of work guarantees are provided as are product and performance warranties from all component manufacturers. In addition, One Stop Energy Australia also offers flexible, extended maintenance service options to commercial customers to ensure optimum, system output and performance.

Various Solar Finance Options Available

Advice on finance and payment options are available including financial plans with NO Up-Front-Costs or Out-of-Pocket Expenses. You may also benefit from Government incentives such as discounts or you may be eligible for related taxation off-sets and other cash-flow advantages.

We are your engaging, consultative and caring business partner

Delivering a quality, high-performing solar system is fundamental, it’s our mission.


Solar System Project Planning


Find out more about how we work with you to plan and develop a solar system that will deliver a cost effective renewable energy solution.


The Most Suitable Size Solar System for Your Business

Solar Size

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How We Can Reduce Your Energy Costs

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Providing Quality Services, Expertise, Technical Advice and Guidance.

A Customised Solar System Sized to Suit Your business.

Providing Quality Services, Expertise, Technical Advice and Guidance.

Various Finance Options Available

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