….satisfied customers benefiting from cheaper sustainable renewable energy….

The design and delivery of Solar PV systems that encourage and enable the development of affordable renewable energy options and solutions is the mission of One Stop Energy Australia. The organisation is committed to cost-effective, renewable energy solutions, that make use of technology to deliver financial dividends to users and environmental benefits that clean energy delivers to us all.




Welcome to the One Stop Energy Australia (OSEA) Home Page. OSEA is a new generation of renewable energy company, one that is using its Executive Engineering and Management experience and its understanding of the commercial solar market-place to assist businesses in Western Australia achieve a sustainable energy future. We believe this energy future in non-negotiable and is an economic, environmental and community imperative.

As a new-comer to the renewable energy market we bring investment capital, a clear vision, ambition and expertise and the partnerships with those businesses developing the technology driving the growth of renewable energy.

While established and located in Perth, Western Australia OSEA has much of its foundations in Korea, including its’ financial and systems engineering design partners. The growing shift to renewables is irreversible and the community has embraced this shift. Many businesses now understand this and are demonstrating their intent to control and manage their energy needs and of course their costs.

Commercial solar makes business sense and any company with a power-bill can afford a solar system. One Stop Energy Australia can deliver this outcome by making use of the latest PV technology to deliver cost-effective clean energy options for its customers. The organisation is committed to quality, excellence and total customer service, your business is our business.

OSEA is building capability, it is engaging people and expertise; it is accessing technology and system development and design support;
it is building partnerships, gaining financial strength and it has developed the processes required to compete and succeed in the commercial solar market. It is a journey the team at one Stop Energy Australia is up for.


OSEA_Soon Hong

Soon C Hong

CEO / General Manager


Thomas Kim




General Manager

An experienced Executive Manager, committed to assisting and enabling business benefit from renewable energy….


Sarah Kaye

Business Development Manager

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Jack Hwang

Business Development Manager

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OSEA_Catherine Pittorino

Catherine Pittorino

Customer Relationship Manager

Noah Cha


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