The system Information of Solar system and Financial, Environmental benefits


Solar System


Solar Panel
96 Trina Honey Multi-270W


1 x 25kW Fronius ECO 25.0 


Daily Savings: $44.67
Annual Electricity Savings: $16,304.35


ROI(%): 0.56
Payback(years): 1.76


CO2 Emissions Reduction
24.9 metric-tonne

Other Financial & Environmental Benefits

  • Potential savings over the expected lifespan of the System 15 years = $244,565
  • CO2 emissions reduction per 1 kWh of solar generation = 0.6kg of CO2
  • 41,624 kWh of solar generation = 24,974 kg or a 24.9 metric-tonne reduction in CO2 p.a.

The Project

Han Ga Wee Pty Ltd had just about had its fill with the rising cost of electricity which was seriously starting to bite! The business owner’s initial response was a discussion with his Accountant which led to a call and further discussions and then a proposal from One Stop Energy Australia outlining the cost-benefit of installing a commercial solar system. Put simply the organisation will now generate renewable energy, reduce its electricity requirement from the grid considerably, relieve itself from that related electricity cost while making a significant contribution to carbon emissions reductions. 

Not much to see on a day like this in sunny Perth but the team at Wise Electrical managed to get the job done as scheduled despite the rain. 96 x Trina Honey TSM-PD05.08 Multi-270W solar panels were installed and the entire job was wrapped up in 3 days. As can be viewed from these images the roof was a challenge in itself with a number of obtrusions which had to be avoided and factored into the design to meet output and performance estimates. A Fronius 25kW on the wall completed the picture for Han Ga Wee


System Monitoring

Fronius makes it all less complicated when it comes to system monitoring, with a simple registration, login and confirmation email setting you up to view the systems output and performance from your computer or smart phone. This same monitoring allows the team at One Stop Energy Australia to keep an eye on the system’s output as well. Fronius also assisted make the choice of inverter easy with its very attractive 5 + 5 year warranty at no extra cost. Speaking of cost ASM Money is a specialist provider of financial products to the renewable energy sector and when the no-up-front-cost option became the preference, ASM Money did their bit and now the electricity cost-savings are paying for the system!

Nearly Complete

At the end of the installation all that remains is a bit of final wiring, labelling and the tidying-up to do. The system was tested and commissioned and is now operational. 

At One Stop Energy Australia the customer relationship starts now. With the system installed, we will monitor its performance and provide ongoing support and aftercare services. Our aim is simple, we want to ensure the system continues to provide optimum generation and in turn we want happy customers.

Thanks, as always to the team at Wise Electrical who did a great job installing the system and One Stop Electrical for their assistance in the initial scoping and design work. The roof was a challenge in itself.

Finally, it is a big thank you to the owner of Han Ga Wee Pty Ltd for his assistance and cooperation and of course for choosing One Stop Energy Australia to assist him manage his energy costs.