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The Information of Solar system, Financial and Environmental benefits


Solar System


Solar Panel
148 x AS 6-P30 -265W Modules


2 x 15kW Fronius SYMO


Daily Savings: $39.67
Annual Electricity Savings: $14,479.55


ROI(%): 0.55
Payback(years): 1.81


CO2 Emissions Reduction
37.7 metric-tonne

Other Financial & Environmental Benefits

  • Potential savings over the expected lifespan of the System 15 years = $217,193.25
  • CO2 emissions reduction per 1 kWh of solar generation = 0.6kg of CO2
  • 62,987 kWh of solar generation = 37,792 kg or a 37.7 metric-tonne reduction in CO2 p.a.

The Project

Lounge Innovation 100% Australian made, owned and designed

Lounge Innovation is an iconic local WA manufacturing company that prides itself on its “Australian-made” furniture credentials but like all businesses it recognises the need to manage and control its costs. Tony Menna, the Managing Director wanted to prepare for the long term in controlling the energy costs of his business, as we all know electricity charges have increased dramatically over the years in WA.

One Stop Energy Australia consulted with Lounge Innovation for the commercial solar solution to stitch in with the staged LED lighting upgrade rollout plans for the factory. The solar power system recommendation was made with a long-term view to be a perfect fit to offset the daylight energy use for his business that would reduce their electricity costs by an estimated $14,000 per year.


Photo: Lounge Innovation, 3 Yelland Way Bassendean

The savings to this business will continue to increase as he rolls out the LED lighting upgrade.

The cost-benefit of installing the commercial solar system was explained in detail, as were the benefits of installing the system using someone else’s money and that’s where ASM Renewable Energy Finance came to the Lounge chair.

Lounge Innovation now generates its own renewable energy, it has reduced its electricity requirement from the grid considerably, relieved itself from that related electricity cost, cushioned itself against future electricity price rises and it is now also making a significant contribution to reducing carbon emissions (approx. 37,700 kgs per annum, equivalent to taking 14 average petrol-powered sedans travelling 15,000kms p.a. off the road).

As for the installation itself, totally suite! It was nothing but clear blue sky throughout, plenty of unobtrusive roof-space, a very able assistant in Capital Transport and Access Rentals who provided the necessary lifting gear for roof access. Their efforts and assistance, was much appreciated.


Photo: Zak (left) of Wise Electrical & Cha Cha of One Stop Energy Australia taking in the NE array.

The roof space and orientation made Lounge Innovation an ideal candidate to benefit from solar power generation.

Making it All Happen

Tony Menna would only consider quality, favouring Fronius Austrian inverters and Peter Garrett, of Wise Electrical is also a fan, not only good looking but relatively straightforward to get on the wall. However, it is all about performance and so when it comes to system monitoring, there is a simple registration process, a login and then a confirmation email confirming the monitoring set-up of the systems output and performance monitoring. This can then be viewed on any desk-top or smart phone. This same monitoring allows the team at One Stop Energy Australia to also keep an eye on the system’s output.

Once again ASM Money were the go-to-guys on the finance, specialist seekers of financial products to the renewable energy sector who provide those no-up-front-cost options that allow businesses to keep their cash-flow. The beauty of the no-out-of-pocket expenses option is that the electricity cost-savings are more than sufficient to pay for the system over the finance period as well as the new reduced power bill, with a bit to spare.

It is a thanks, as always to the team at Wise Electrical, Peter and Zak who did a great job installing the system and of course for their efforts and assistance in the initial scoping and design work, which was then approved by Western Power. The roof was ideal, the job was completed in 3-4 days, without mishap, on-budget and on-time which is how any Project Manager likes it, with the One Stop Energy Australia overlaying inclusive 2 year onsite installation warranty.

Finally, One Stop Energy Australia would like to thank Lounge Innovation Managing Director, Tony Menna and his team for their assistance and cooperation, before, during and after the installation and of course for choosing us to assist him manage the current energy costs and future energy needs of his business for many years to come.


Photo: The Heavy Lifting


Photo: Fronius Austrian inverters


Photo: It’s under here somewhere Alice!