The Baik Yang Presbyterian Church


43 Verna Ct, Cockburn Central WA 6164


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The system Information of Solar system and Financial, Environmental benefits


Solar System


Daily Savings: $19.73
Annual Electricity Savings: $7,203.28


Solar Panel
56 x Amerisolar 265kW


2 x 6kW Zeversolar

The Project

L-R John McIlhone, Project Manager, One Stop Energy Australia; Sang Hyun, Secretary-Elder Baik Yang Presbyterian Church; and Peter Garrett, Front Man & Electrical Contractor-PV Installer, Wise Electrical.

The Baik Yang Presbyterian Church Has Seen the Light with PV Solar Installation

The Baik Yang Presbyterian Church has seen the light having recently installed a 12kW Solar System, part of a major upgrade and extension to the Church and adjacent facilities at Cockburn Central. One Stop Energy Australia was delighted to assist the Church identify the benefits of solar, not least the cost savings the system would deliver. As part of this major extension and upgrade The Baik Yang Presbyterian Church will now enjoy a reduction in peak electricity consumption and with less grid-electricity generation required it’s also a welcome contribution to reducing carbon emissions.

Saved from Electricity Costs

One Stop Energy Australia has provided a sustainable one-stop energy solution, commencing with tariff analysis and PV Solar system sizing to reduce peak-period electricity demand and deliver cost savings. The design and installation of a 12Kw Solar Energy (PV) System will minimise electricity demand and related costs and will increase the energy self-sufficiency of the Church. Not only will it reduce electricity costs it will also make a contribution toward a goal that is of consequence to us all, reducing carbon emissions.

Saving the Planet

This 12 kW Solar System while somewhat modest in size will not only generate estimated annual savings of approximately $7,200 but its production of 23,833 kWh or units of electricity each year, translates into a 14,300kgs or 14.3 metric tonne reduction in CO2 emissions. The Baik Yang Presbyterian Church is also serious about saving the planet.

The installation was completed and the system commissioned on 13 March 2018. Measuring output and understanding performance has been made easy by online monitoring which was completed via a very simple registration process with Zever-Cloud. Smart-phone access to the system’s output and performance data is available at the push of a button so the renewable electricity generation can be viewed at a glance.


Saved from Electricity Costs

The steep growth of electricity costs in recent years has been particularly difficult for charitable organisations and Not-for-Profits, as they try to retain focus on their primary purpose. The Baik Yang Presbyterian Church has been relieved a little of that cost burden and One Stop Energy Australia has been a very willing and enthusiastic contributor. Recognition too of the team at Wise Electrical who undertook the installation. With many years of experience in the installation of residential and larger commercial PV Systems, the Church can be confident they will benefit for many years from the cost savings generated by PV Solar.