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The system Information of Solar system and Financial, Environmental benefits


Solar System


Solar Panel
55 * Trina Tall-Max 330W


1 x 15kW Solar-Edge


Daily Savings: $20.59
Annual Electricity Savings: $7,156.08


ROI(%): 0.52
Payback(years): 1.9


CO2 Emissions Reduction
17.5 metric-tonne

  • Potential savings over the expected lifespan of the System 15 years = $112,741
  • CO2 emissions reduction per 1 kWh of solar generation = 0.6kg of CO2
  • 29,149 kWh of solar generation = 17,489 kg or a 17.5 metric-tonne reduction in CO2 p.a.

The Project

Varga Realty were referred to One Stop Energy Australia, approaching us to learn more about how a solar system could reduce their increasing electricity costs. It was nice to get the call and it was a pleasure to develop a proposal that outlined how we could assist them manage their energy needs and electricity costs. The team at Varga Realty made the process easy, providing all of the details required to undertake the initial assessment and enabling the right solar system design for them. A quotation was provided and accepted and the approvals process then commenced with Synergy and Western Power. Varga has now joined the ranks of switched-on businesses generating renewable energy, it has reduced its electricity requirement from the grid considerably and relieved itself from the related electricity cost while making a significant contribution to carbon emissions reductions.

55 x Trina Tall-Max TSM-PD14 330W panels were installed and the job was wrapped up in 2 and-a-bit days. As can be viewed from the images the roof space was limited and with a number of obtrusions to be avoided and factored into the design, space was at a premium (it would have been nice to have been able to squeeze a few more on). A SolarEdge solution with optimisers was deemed the smart choice after more complex modelling confirmed shading would be an issue in mid to late afternoons for the North-East Array.

A big thanks to Mario at 999 Electrical and Dave Sutton at SolarEdge for assisting with the system design and providing One Stop Energy Australia with an insight on how those Optimisers work to maximise output and performance when shading is an issue. It was a bonus that the installers (999 Electrical) were familiar with optimisers and big fans of SolarEdge so they needed no further assistance or advice.

Varga Realty is located in a busy shopping precinct with vehicle movements and parking becoming a temporary management issue. The neighbours were advised of the installation and inconvenience was kept to a minimum. The system was tested and commissioned upon completion and is now operational. With the system installed, monitoring has been set up and again SolarEdge provided all of the necessary advice and assistance. Our aim is simple, we want to ensure the system provides optimum output generation and performance and in turn we want happy customers.

Thanks, to the team at 999 Electrical, in particular Paul and Calvin Chen who installed the system and for their assistance in the initial scoping and design work. A quick mention of the work done by ASM Money in securing finance for this project is also warranted. It’s another example of being savvy and using smart money. Finally, a big thank you to Nik and Nikki Varga, Tash and Gemma for their assistance and cooperation and of course for choosing One Stop Energy Australia to assist them achieve a sustainable, renewable and affordable energy future.