One Stop Energy Australia will plan and manage your renewable energy project from commencement to commissioning

Initial Consultation

It starts with obtaining base-line information on your energy consumption and usage.

Site Inspection & Customer Analysis

An inspection of your premises and installation location will provide a good indication of which solar system will best suit your needs.

Solar System Proposal

A detailed design of the optimal solar system will be developed and submitted for your consideration.

Approval Process

The approvals required to proceed with the solar system installation will be sought and obtained by One Stop Energy Australia on your behalf


There are a range of financial options available for you to consider, all of which will be explained in detail.


All solar system installations are performed by fully accredited Clean Energy Council installers.

Checklist Inspection & commissioning

The installation team will complete and commission your solar system to the highest standard and in accordance with industry standards, regulations and related compliance obligations.

Solar System Monitoring & Maintenance

One Stop Energy Australia can provide monitoring and system maintenance services to ensure you renewable energy generation output and peak performance is maintained.