Tonkin Business Network Launch

on 10th July 2019 (Wed) 4:30 pm - 6: 30 pm


Sarah Kaye

Main Organizer - Event
Who We Are
One Stop Energy Australia is located in Malaga and the Tonkin Business Network is a new initiative to support local businesses in the area. As Tonkin Highway originates in Malaga, so does our Tonkin Business Network which invites all business in and around this central highway of Perth to be part of a dynamic group. We are local businesses of like minded people offering advice and support to each other. The functions are held at no charge, bi-monthly at different member premises providing an opportunity for members to network and show case their business. This group is not about ego and collecting business cards, our code is genuine support for each business member with growth for all in line with the core value of any business - integrity. One Stop Energy Australia considers this group to be the beginning of a meaningful entity, one that will seek to influence Government and other decision makers on behalf of local business in and around Malaga. Join us and discover your new network to benefit your business!